That’s the part we love the most -
Web creation

What we can offer you
  • Monitor
    Static Websites
  • Barcode
  • El. Devices
    Dynamic Websites
  • Monitor and cart
    E-commers Websites
  • Monitor and people
    Membership or User Interactive Sites

Web design

Nowadays it is unthinkable to grow a business without having an active and modern website that provides information about your company's history, activity and services. A well-developed web portal is a powerful communication channel and a mighty image builder. We at Progress Factory offer development of corporate websites with custom web design, online stores that increase sales and develop e-commerce. Each service tailored to your needs and goals. Because we know how you can achieve them ...

Here’s how we do it

  • Client love


    Consultation, Client requirements,
    Research and Project analysis.
  • Creative


    Ideas and Creativity to inspire your
    new Web Site
  • Pencil


    Wireframes, Design concepts,
    Presentation and Finalization
  • Pencil with gear


    Content integration, Programming
    code for custom requirements
    (We don’t use ready platforms,
    we create our own CMS.)
  • Text writing


    Bug fixing, CMS testing, testing,
    testing again
  • Paper airplane

    Delivery and Support

    Your magnificent new web is ready
    to go! Supporting you with
    everything you need.

We offer some additional services
for each website as well