SEO оптимизация

We can make your website popular by structuring the information in it,
according to Google's latest requirements.

That's how we do it:

1. Analysis

  • We analyze in detail the content of your site.
  • We check the search rate for all major keywords, find and offer new high potential words.
  • Check Competition - Used keywords and positions in search engines.
  • Consultation and work recommendations to achieve the best results.
SEO optimization

2. Internal SEO

We organize the content of your site in a way that is understandable and preferred by Google. The keywords you choose are well positioned in page titles, meta descriptions, new SEO tailored texts are created in the form of news / blogs.

3. External SEO

We provide an optimal amount of external references to your site. They are produced on a regular basis by creating your business image as a reliable source of quality content in the field you work in. An image that works for both Google and the user.

With these 3 steps, we can organically make your site discoverable on Google and easily accessible to your customers. SEO site support is an essential part of your strategy for digital marketing.
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