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We at Progress Factory will print all your advertising materials in high quality and at affordable pricing. We use both offset and digital printing to print brochures, flyers, folders, catalogs and everything you need for your success.

Offset printing

Offset printing is the most common technology that prints high quality in large print runs. It is used to print nearly any promotional materials - flyers, folders, brochures, invitations, catalogs, promotional packaging and much more. In case you decide to do a large print, offset printing will do a great job for you.
Offset printing

Digital printing

Digital printing is a new generation technology. The difference with offset printing is that digital is preferred when small print runs are needed. Its quality is just as good as the classic offset printing. You can be flexible and print your advertising materials without any drawbacks quickly and comfortably. Digital printing is the best option when you need fewer promotional materials in a shorter time.


To get a product into printing, you need to have a print file. Prepress preparation is a process in which an electronic model of the product to be printed is prepared - brochure, catalog, folder, etc. This is done with excellent knowledge of the required graphics programs as well as the overall printing process. We at Progress Factory offer both digital and offset printing, as well as prepress preparation to offer our customers a flawless experience.

Our professional team offers all print
services that will satisfy your project needs:

  • Branding

    Graphic design
    of all print materials

  • Monitor


  • Digital & Offset Printing

    Digital and
    offset printing

  • Scissor


We print just about everything:
  • Catalogue
  • Magazine
  • Brochure
  • Menu
  • Letters
    Business and
    Scratch cards
  • Open letter
  • Calendar
  • Poster
and/or any unusual idea that comes to mind.
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