STS Electronics

Web design
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Product catalogue:

Our goal was to create easy to use product catalogue. With more that 250 different products, you can spot the one you need in a seconds. Easy.

STS Electronics 2
STS Electronics 3

Stay informed:

We've integrated video options, so each client can see the exact way to connect their devices. That's how we've decreased incoming calls and wasted minutes for both sides. Voilà.

A Beautifyl Design:

It was pretty hard to design a website for electronic sensors and to end up with something good for the eye. Hard but not impossible.

STS Electronics 4
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  • Quality

    "I have the pleasure to work with real professionals. Easy to communicate, with creative suggestions and perfect end product - Progress Factory team. We rely on their professional services for couple of years already and we are pleased with our new corporate image on the market."
    Iliya Dikov
    Marketing Manager / STS Electronics
  • Great team

    "Great team, good communication and a perfect end product. Congratulations and thank you for everything you did for us!"
    Valentin Petrov
    Manager / Restaurant Liani
  • Personal attitude

    "We recommend them because they always execute the orders on high professional level, thoroughly and on time. They won our trust with personal attitude, responsibility and dedication."
    Iveta Genova
    Marketing manager / Bulgarian Property Developments